Many thanks go to The Future is Bamboo, one of our first Orkestra Offsets customers who trusted us to help them further their mission of protecting the environment by replacing disposable plastic items with bamboos ones.  They now have a carbon neutral supply chain to bring their eco-conscious products to market.  Check them out – we’re in love with their biodegradable rainbow toothbrushes!”
If you're trying to cut down on the amount of plastic, paper, and other disposable materials you use, there are plenty of eco-friendly bamboo products you can use instead.
What an overwhelming 2020 has been so far! The good news is that Christmas will certainly not be the same, but the celebrations will still take place this year. Everyone can agree that 2020 has changed a lot of mentalities and taught us a lot about our environmental impact. More than ever, our planet needs to be treated with respect and with the holidays coming, we thought it would be a good idea to share with you 5 easy steps to have a greener Christmas.
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There is a whole lot of plastic and waste in conventional bathroom products - not to mention toxic ingredients. The wide selection and variety of zero waste alternatives can be overwhelming and that’s why we created this shortlist of our favorite eco-friendly items. We wanted to make your life easier and to make sure you don’t waste any money on useless products. Read the lines below to discover 10 easy swaps you can make to transition to a more low waste, sustainable bathroom.
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