Our Story

With awareness for environmental issues on the rise across the planet, our family owned and operated company decided to do more than just talk about it: we decided to get to work.

After extensive market research, trial and error, we launched our first bamboo toothbrush collection in November 2017. But having a great bamboo toothbrush wasn’t enough : it needed to be affordable and reputable. Bamboo toothbrushes were somewhat available online back then from obscure vendors with no certifications, and quite expensive.

We wanted to change that.

We wanted to stand by products that everyone can afford and easily picked up at their favorite grocery store and pharmacy.

Make eco-friendly products accessible and affordable to everyone.

We are proud to be the first and only Canadian bamboo brand to hold the following certifications :
P.E.T.A.’s Vegan and Cruelty-Free, F.S.C. [Responsible Forestry], as well as being BPA free.

From biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes to now a full range of eco-friendly home essentials, we are grateful to provide products that make your everyday life a lot kinder to our Planet.

We Care

Low Waste 

• Our C02 offset program allows us track our supply chain impact and offset by planting trees
• Make minimal packaging that breaks down naturally
• We avidly strategize ways for our products to be LOW WASTE and create value for you, and also lower the overall waste impact for all of us.
• We ship with minimal packaging (that means 0 plastic and unnecessary packaging)

Giving Back 

With our Rainbow program, we give back to social and environmental causes. Here's a few we have donated to in the past year :

• Jeunesse J'écoute
• Quebec Food Banks
• Aura Freedom Intl.

Inclusion and Representation

We care about the planet and ALL its inhabitants. We support people from all cultures, LGBTQIA, disabled communities and beyond.