HAPPY EARTH DAY 2021 - Revealing our C02 offset program

HAPPY EARTH DAY 2021 - Revealing our C02 offset program

To celebrate Earth Day extra, extra this year, we want to share what we’ve been working on for over 18 months now...

Did you know that we offset our supply chain carbon footprint though re-foresting an area in the County of Northern Lights, Alberta?

Several of brands and companies have started to plant trees in an effort to offset their C02 production, but we wanted to go the extra mile. This is why we chose to partner up with Toronto based, state-of-the-art logistic experts Orkestra.

For example, tree species (i.e. white spruce vs. trembling aspen) and the exact location a specific tree is planted on a project site (clay hilltop vs. loam valley) impacts the carbon storage rate of that particular tree.

Therefore providing a ratio of trees planted to carbon stored isn't the best metric. The carbon credits we have assigned to (Toronto based logistic masters) Orkestra, to date are from a project that is validated by an independent third party on the basis of project level quantification and statistically relevant sampling thereof.


Along with this third party validation the project highlights include:

  • being 100% conservation based, meaning the trees are not intended to be managed for harvest;

  • holding a mix of 100% native species, meaning the project matches the area ecosystems and has the value of diversity;

  • located in Canada (County of Northern Lights, Alberta), a country where land tenure is clear and stable to reduce the risk of reversal; and

  • clear additionality (i.e. trees planted on land that was low value hay/pasture land) with a long historical clearing timeline (i.e. cleared 30+ years before tree planting started). 


It is mandatory for The future is bamboo to give back to our beautiful Planet and keeping ourselves accountable to her. We are so excited to share this statement from Orkestra Offset’s program :


“ Protecting our planet is a priority for us - and the right thing to do - which is why we launched this program. For many businesses, over 75% of their greenhouse gas emissions come from their supply chain.  Our platform can precisely calculate the carbon emissions produced by your supply chain and offset them for you.  


Many thanks go to The Future is Bamboo, one of our first Orkestra Offsets customers who trusted us to help them further their mission of protecting the environment by replacing disposable plastic items with bamboos ones.  They now have a carbon neutral supply chain to bring their eco-conscious products to market.  Check them out – we’re in love with their biodegradable rainbow toothbrushes! ”


Learn more about Orkestra Offsets here: www.orkestrascs.com/sustainability 



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