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Bamboo : versatile and highly sustainable

Bamboo : versatile and highly sustainable

If you're trying to cut down on the amount of plastic, paper, and other disposable materials you use, there are plenty of eco-friendly bamboo products you can use instead.
Bamboo is much more sustainable than plastic and paper because it grows quickly, it is renewable, it absorbs large amounts of CO2, not to mention that it produces more oxygen than other plants. Unlike trees, bamboo forests can regenerate in 3-5 years and thrive without the need for pesticides.

The benefits

It also has great natural properties like being anti-bacterial, super strong, and able to filter air and water. This flexibility makes bamboo perfect for a wide range of uses.
After use, many bamboo products can simply be composted and will biodegrade naturally in just a few years, although the fabrics may take a little longer. On the other hand, our plastic waste can take hundreds or thousands of years to decompose.

Plastic : a global nuisance

Our plastic consumption and especially that of single-use plastics has become a global pollution problem. Plastic is in our oceans, damaging ecosystems and even entering our food chain.

Plastic Ban ? We're ready ! 

Single-use plastic bans are being introduced in Canada and Europe, in an attempt to address these issues, but they affect only a small number of plastic products. It is therefore up to us, as responsible consumers, to find sustainable alternatives to plastic.
Using more sustainable raw materials like bamboo for the everyday products we use all the time is the perfect place to start.

Types of bamboo products

There are two main types of bamboo products that we can use in place of their plastic or paper alternatives. These are reusable bamboo products and disposable bamboo products.
Whenever possible, it is more durable to use a reusable product than a disposable product. This follows the Reduce, Reuse, Recycle system which aims to reduce the total amount of waste we create.
Thus, the vast majority of bamboo products on this list are reusable. Disposable bamboo products are always more sustainable than their plastic counterparts because they use a renewable and biodegradable raw material. We have included them in the listing where they are a good swap for the plastic version.

A logical choice 

At The future is bamboo, we offer high quality, certified AND affordable bamboo everyday essentials, helping you ditch plastic for good. 

Here's a list of what to look for when shopping for bamboo goods : 

Bamboo coffee cup
Bamboo cutlery
Bamboo straws
Bamboo Bottles 
Bamboo toothbrush
Bamboo kitchen towels
Bamboo cutting board
Bamboo bowls
Bamboo serving trays
Bamboo bath basket
Bamboo hairbrush
Bamboo cotton swabs
Bamboo Makeup Removing Rounds
Bamboo essential oil diffuser
Bamboo laundry basket
Bamboo watch
Bamboo sunglasses
Bamboo bluetooth speaker
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