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The Future is Bamboo

Eco Floss Picks

Eco Floss Picks

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Hard to reach molars? Tight teeth? Disabilities? 
Regular and conventional floss may not work for you and we want to change that.


PLANT BASED MATERIALS : Our floss picks are made with plant based PLA (Polylactic Acid), derived from Corn, Cassava and Beets.

VEGAN FLOSS : Did you know conventional and biodegradable floss is made by Mulberry Silk Worms? Not ours! Our high quality floss thread is Vegan+Cruelty Free.


50 Eco Floss Picks 

*PLA may be composted in Industrial Composting Factories. Check for more info.

*Vegan floss is not compostable. Please cut/remove before tossing.

Keep out of children's reach || Not recommended for children.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Fred Cross
    Floss picks

    The best on the market. The only one that works for me these are the best I ever used.

    Kimberly Hoyt
    Great product!

    Our whole family loves these flossers. Strong floss, and we love that they are biodegradable!

    Marjolène Gagnon

    Je compte en acheter à nouveau!! Belle découverte écologique!!

    Great Picks, But Packaging Isn't Compostable?

    Bought these because I love that I'm able to floss completely vegan + waste free! The picks work great. However, the packaging appears to be plastic... which is a little disappointing considering the whole point of buying these is to be waste free.

    Not sure if the bag is the bamboo plastic as well? It doesn't address that anywhere on the site so I'm just going to assume it's not.

    Hi Mackenzie, thank you for your review and feedback!
    We are thankful for your support and purchase.

    The current batch of our Eco Floss Pick is 100% recyclable with paper and a very thin PET coating to protect the soy based ink we use.

    However, I'm happy to report that our next batch of Eco Floss Picks bags will be with PBAT or PLA.
    PBAT is a polymer that breaks down completely when home-composted leaving no toxic residues behind and PLA is the same material for our Eco Floss Picks! We are still developing the bags, so we will update our social media of any changes, stay tuned :)