Sustainability matters

From our packaging to the type of bamboo we choose, to our C02 compensation program, read on to discover concrete actions we take to support our environment

C02 offset program

In collaboration with the Toronto based company Orkestra, we now track our C02 emissions encountered with importation & shipping of our products.

With this smart tracking, we will be able to offset 100% of C02 emissions by planting trees across Canada.

This is a brand new initiative for us. We are quite proud and
we cannot wait to tell you more about it!

We don't steal pandas' food. Ever.

The bamboo we use is called MOSO (Phyllostachys edulis) and is not a variety pandas eat. It was a very important selection factor to us, as a Vegan and Cruelty-Free brand, we would never encourage or partake in depleting any animals' food sources.

Compostable + Biodegradable

No over packing here.

We always strive to find the most efficient way to ship our products with the least amount of packaging possible. When you order a 2, 4, or a family toothbrush pack, you may receive your toothbrushes box-free, in sealed biodegradable sleeves inside a compostable mailer (as pictured).

Our larger order ship biodegradable cardboard boxes.

Standing for the planet.
And all its people.

We are proud to donate to organizations that we believe in and that align with our goals and values, for the Planet and ALL of it inhabitants.

We believe that when we all rise together,
we can do real change.