The perfect zero waste guide for Holidays !

The perfect zero waste guide for Holidays !

The perfect zero waste guide for Holidays !

The holiday season has officially arrived and we have decided to write a little practical guide for an ecological Christmas without any waste. We will review everything !
Gifts, gift wrapping, and of course, a Christmas guide would not be complete without some family traditions and food !

The famous '' Christmas tree ''

There has been constant debate about whether a natural tree is more durable than a synthetic tree. The natural one can be used without any problem if it is composted at the end of its life ! The Christmas tree plantations produce trees all year that absorb carbon too, a detail that we must keep in mind ! Just make sure you compost them so they're converted to nutrient-rich soil. If your only option is to throw your tree to the dump, consider opting for a fake Christmas tree.


No need to buy decorations every year. You can make the most of the objects you already own and convert them to something else. If you like DIY, you can easily make your own decorations and even involve kids! So you can at the same time, take time with family and get in the mood! Need ideas? Here is an article that offers ideas for decorating 100% zero waste:


Gifts can be a delicate subject since everything depends on who will receive it. That said, rather than offering an item, you can opt for an "experience". For example: spa time, facial, events, shows etc. Otherwise, you can also offer gifts that will be useful and enjoyable. For example, oils, vinegars, refillable mascara, bar shampoo, bamboo straws, totally eco-friendly bamboo utensils, compostable bamboo toothbrushes, etc.

Why bamboo ?

Seemingly small actions we all do daily : brushing our teeth, drinking with a straw, eating with disposable plastic forks and spoons, can have a huge impact on our Eco system. Did you know that on average, each individual throws away 4 plastic toothbrushes/year for a total of ~4.3 Billion yearly ? That the world population uses 500 million straws every day ? That’s a lot of plastic polluting our planet. How about making a simple and affordable choice that can actually make a tangible difference ? Count us in. Our MOSO bamboo is a highly renewable and 100% biodegradable resource in addition to being antimicrobial. Yes, yes, you read that right.

Wrapping the presents

Did you know that most packaging papers are not recyclable? And, let's be honest, after the exchange of gifts, they are not so reusable ... To avoid this, stick to gift wrappings that can be used again and again, such as holiday bags, tissue paper or beautiful alternative fabrics.

Perfect gift list for Christmas

- Our reusable and eco-friendly straws - The future is bamboo toothbrushes , compostable + eco-friendly - Our biodegradable, zero waste and environmentally friendly cotton swabs - Bamboo utensils, 100% biodegradable, perfect for a green and zero waste lifestyle
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