Earth Day 2019 with The future is bamboo

Earth needs us.

Earth needs us.

You all know that the environmental situation is very alarming globally in terms of pollution and climate change. Plastic bottles of all kinds as well as straws and toothbrushes are a real problem that damages our oceans and the environment.

The numbers are shocking

More than 480 billion plastic bottles were sold in 2016 worldwide, compared to 300 billion, 10 years ago. If placed end to end, these bottles would extend to more than half the sun. (1)

In terms of straw, market research firms estimate this figure between 170 million and 390 million per day, or between 63 and 142 billion straws a year. (2)

What about your plastic toothbrush, do you think it breaks down entirely? Unfortunately, chances are it will end up in the landfill. And once in discharge, the toothbrush, very often made of polypropylene and nylon does not decompose. The small particles generated can easily be found in our streams and oceans. (3)

The difference between biodegradation and degradation

Biodegradation is the moment when an element can be naturally decomposed and digested by microorganisms, then naturally recycled into new organic molecules and into life.

In contrast, degradation is simply the process of breaking down into smaller pieces. When the plastic is degraded, most of it seems to disappear... However, what is really happening is that plastic is fragmenting into smaller, invisible pieces that will always remain on Earth. (4)

Plastic goes to ... your plate!

The annual dietary exposure of European consumers can reach 11,000 microplastics per year. The presence of marine microplastics in seafood could pose a threat to food security. However, because of the complexity of estimating the toxicity of microplastics, it is impossible (yet) to estimate the potential human health risks of microplastics in foods. (5)

Make the transition in 10 easy steps

  1. Remember to bring your reusable container when you get your coffee
  2. Opt for our natural bamboo straws and stay away from single use straws
  3. Use our 100% natural, BPA-free, biodegradable bamboo toothbrushes
  4. Don't purchase plastic bottles
  5. You can start to trade clothes with family and friends, to reduce your consumption. (The textile industry is also extremely polluting).
  6. Refuse all single-use products
  7. Reduce your consumption
  8. Reuse what can have a second life
  9. Recycle what can be
  10. Composing to the maximum!

In conclusion

By buying at ''The future is bamboo'', you automatically opt for products that fit perfectly into zero waste movement and, you encourage eco-friendly company that cares about environmental standards. Our products are vegan, contain no plastic and are always compostable!


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