A Zero Waste Valentine's Day

A Zero Waste Valentine's Day

A Zero Waste Valentine's Day

Let us ignore for a moment the pressure to cover our loved ones with many things (often too expensive and bad for the environment) and focus instead on the gestures and affirmations that make someone feel really seen and loved. ☺
Or, for men and women who are not engaged, consider having a day of personal care or a day of love with friends. Love in all its forms can be celebrated, right? So how are you going to make someone feel loved without creating a lot of waste? Here are our best gift ideas and activities for a minimalist, zero waste and "eco-friendly" Valentine's Day!

The chocolate

Instead of buying boxes of chocolates or other treats, which are often overwrapped, why not make something yourself? Cookies, brownies, cake ... you can even make them in the shape of a heart or color them in pink or red with natural food coloring ! You are not a fan of pastries or you dont have time to cook ? You can just go to your favorite bulk store! You will have plenty of choices and this gesture will remain healthy and green for the environment and ... your wallet!

A dinner at home

No need to drive or spend precious minutes freezing outside looking for parking. It is greener, more practical and cheaper to stay home.

The flowers

Avoid flowers bought in a big store and wrapped in plastic and go to your local florist. See which varieties are grown locally and feel free to express your desire to have as little plastic as possible in your packaging. You can also buy a small plant if you prefer and put it in a pot in a second-hand planter pot or even a pretty mug.

Easy romantic gesture to do !

Try creating a playlist of romantic songs, or plan a fun activity focused on a shared experience - maybe tickets to a concert, booking a romantic weekend at the spa, or even massages !

Make your own candles!

Conventional candles are quite toxic and pollute your home. Several easy recipes are available online! To be as eco-friendly as possible, put them in a jar you already own rather than buying one.

A zero waste card

Make your own card instead of buying one, using recycled and discarded materials. You can surely find in your house old packaging and other objects that can be used to wrap gifts or make creative cards. You can include a small pocket on the cards where a note can be swiped inside, so no need to write on the card itself! That way, the person to whom you give it can reuse the card by removing the note and writing their own!
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