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Jessica H. | Portland


"I'm in love! I love these rounds so much! They are so much better than the cotton rounds I've used for years, and bonus, a gajillion times better for the planet! I was pleasantly surprised by how nice the container is. Very happy with my purchase."

Lany-Jade M. | Montreal


"I love the Bamboo Charcoal Facial Rounds. I use them to remove makeup and dirt from my face with the help of my cleansing milk. I love them because they are super absorbent and they don't stain, because they are dark! Plus, they come with a small mesh washer bag! This is perfect so you won't lose them in the wash."

Denise B. | Montreal


"Super glad I bought these utensils which allow me to avoid using plastic stuff. I also bought an extra box of straws, and I'm very happy with it. I can't wait to start traveling again so I can take them everywhere! For the sake of the planet, everyone should have their bamboo utensils and straws!"

Eco Dental Hygiene

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Green Beauty Routine

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Functional & eco-friendly lifestyle

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