Adult Soft Bamboo Toothbrushes 4-Pack

  • This pack includes 4 Adult Soft Bamboo Toothbrushes

    • 1 Sunny Pink
    • 1 Soft Lilac
    • 1 Minty Green
    • 1 Glacier Blue

    ✔ Biodegradable MOSO bamboo curved handle
    ✔ Naturally Antimicrobial
    ✔ Soft angled bristles (BPA free)
    ✔ Certified P.E.T.A. Vegan & Cruelty-Free
    ✔ Certified F.S.C. (Responsible Forest Management)

Unique Benefits

Biodegradable Bamboo + Vegan + Cruelty Free + Minimal Packaging + Carbon Offset Program

  • P.E.T.A. Vegan and Cruelty-Free : This means no animal ingredients were used and absolutely no animal testing was conducted on any of our products.

    F.S.C. : Responsible Forestry - Well managed Bamboo Forests.*

    Health Canada & FDA registered


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Megan Unger
Buying multiples is ALWAYS better!

I LOVE buying multiple bamboo toothbrushes so I can limit my shipping per year! The toothbrushes themselves are amazing but bundling them makes them even better!
Beyond happy with the toothbrushes that I have been using for a couple of years now!

got all four colors

Pink teal blue and purple. I like these brushes. They're soft but I do have dental appliances so I might look into a brush with more bristles like the curaprox but they are plastic. I like that these are bamboo they're comfortable to hold way nicer than any plastic toothbrush I've ever had the displeasure of using. I like that they are natural & the colors are cute and the boxes they came in along with the paper wrap are biodegradable and so is the brush minus the bristles which you just pull out I assume. Already used one and got my sis one too from Sobeys. I feel they do a good job but I might try and see if they have a more harder bristle since the soft might be too soft for my teeth with braces.


We love our Bamboo Toothbrushes! The different colours help us tell them apart and they are easy to compost. Great job Bamboo Team.

Best Eco-friendly Find

I got my toothbrush from my Girl Gang Strong inc. box and I am obsessed, love the quality, and helping the environment.

Liz A.
No gunk!

Nice product i wanted to add that I am glad the back of the brush is smooth and therefore will not collect gunk like some of the plastic toothbrushes do as they have decorative ridges on the back. The last plastic brushes I used I would really almost have to scrub them to get the gunk off... think of the germs! So please keep your brushes just as they are. And that they are not plastic but a natural bamboo is even better.